Who are we?

We are many and we are one. We are young and we are old, we are rich and we are poor, we are working and raising kids and we are retired. Some of us are brand new to Christ and some of us have been at this a long time. We have each walked various paths in the past, but together as church we choose to share the journey now. Some of us have been away for a while and looking for a way back. And for some, clicking onto this website is about as close as you want to get right now. And that’s ok.

As you can see, United Church of Primghar is a church for all different kinds of people from all different kinds of places.

Journeying together, that’s what we do. We follow a long line of people who journeyed—Moses and Miriam, Abraham and Sarah, Peter, James, John; Mary and Martha to name a few. Their journeys were not all easy; there were detours and speed bumps and roads entirely washed out, but they kept on.

Life in community, life on the journey is not easy either. In fact it’s quite messy. Funny isn’t it, how we want to get to the destination, but how God wants us to get there is by living in community. We want birth, growth, renewal and God whispers, “you know, there will be some labor pains.”

The journey is worthwhile, though. The pains, the sorrows, the doubts, the joys, the celebrations. Somehow, life in community makes the hard bearable, and makes the great incredible.<

We’d love to have you find your path with us, share the journey with us.